Monday, September 28, 2009

Websites ** (General Info)

Just the general information for all you Gastro-Girl followers out there: - International site - National Canadian site - National U.S.A site - National Dutch site

Google to see which events your local Slow Food chapter organises: - Whats in a name? - To see what's going on in your local chapters - To check out our lovely university
(if anybody is interested, do not hesitate to contact me on

Slow Food's thematic festivals -
These take place every other year & are fantastic celebrations of food, food cultures and food knowledge. Usually they are packed with workshops, art & tastings on any off spring of their theme. If you seek through the websites there should be video, articles or audio material of these workshops, as well as cool links.

Terra Madre - Turin, It -
Slow Fish - Genova, It -
Cheese - Bra, It -
Slow Food Nation - U.S.A -

Youth - - Set up by students of UniSG & the States as a more politically active younger sister of Slow Food. Trough the Pangea network you can follow work stages with various food producers. - Protest dinners which can be set up by you & your friends.

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