Thursday, September 24, 2009

The First Leg

Here you can find the first podcast!


  1. Gastogirls,

    You girls rock! I thoroughly enjoyed the radio show. Elissa's poem and the part on Duncan was truly beautiful, they have a touching story to tell and you guys did a phenomenal job capturing that moment. There is so much out there about food, and we know so little about it, honestly, you girls have changed my perspective on it altogether.

    I cannot wait until the next part comes out!

  2. Hey ladies,
    zjafryz passed on this link, promising I'd like it. I do! Congrats on a great podcast. I'd actually really like to talk to either of you more about the making of the podcast and organic foods... I'm organizing a conference in October and I think there might be a really good fit for a workshop here. Anyway, if you are interested, my email is


  3. For Links to the refrences made in the first Podcast:

    Paul DeCampo -
    Both Food Share & the Good Food Box programmes are based in Toronto. If you are interested in learning from or working with them these websites are worth checking out.

    Books -
    Michael Pollan - The Omnivores Dilemma
    Vandana Shiva - The Violence of the Green Revolution (etc.)
    Carlo Petrini - Slow Food Nation
    (If you type in these names on youtube, you will find fantastic video speeches)